RatCon 2012 – Looking Back

One of Germanies biggest P&P RPG conventions changed location and moved from Dortmund to Unna, a great decision!

The convention got bigger, cleaner and more diverse. I saw many new faces, met lots of 

awesome people, saw great sketchbooks and portfolios and had a lot of fun drawing and painting sketches of heroes and characters. It was a great experience amd I am truly looking foreward to the next big P&P RPG convention in Dreieich (17th and 18th November), hoping to have a least as much fun as on the RatCon this year. Last time at Dreieich we got a bunch of free Magic The Gathering cards and I hope to get more 

 And a bunch of nice and highly talented illustrators will be my over night guests.

The Dreieichconvention was also present at Ratcon, especially on the coffee-flatrate 

cups <3 My dwarf – everywhere! Haters had to close their eyes. Also because there were larger than live posters of my KKK-characters on banners, in almost every room O_O Ulisses will even sell walltattoos of my elvish pathfinder and my sword journeyman in huuuuuge sizes.

Here comes one of my quick conventions paintings. Cheran was so nice to send my a scan <3: