Transformondays – Second Season Confirmed

During the past months I got often asked if Transformondays is still an ongoing thing and when it will happen next time. Due to my work load I had to pause that personal non-profit project. Nonetheless, the coming weeks will be busy as well. Busy and very exciting: Next week end I will attend the Dreieich Convention and sketch whoever’s character/hero will cross my artist table. And then, in December, I will eventually fly to the united states – for the first time in my life. Feels a bit like flying to the moon or to a promised country, since I will visit L.A. – you can meet me there at the massive black workshop. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself should you recognize my face, fellow artist – I am easy to spot: female, big (not tall), dreads and wearing a septum piercing.

So… back to Transformondays: The second season is going to start on 6th of January 2014.  If you want to play a major role and make some deeper steps into becoming something new and different, feel free to send me your photo. Transformondays will take place every Monday at 9 pm MEZ or 3 pm EST at my lifestream channel. Starting 6th of January. Make sure to not miss it and subscribe to my blog and twitter to get reminded.

As a small appetizer I present you my version of Soraka of League of Legends (Fanart). Many thanks to the lovely Kristina T0xicpanta for being such an amazing and beautiful model!