Transformondays are coming soon…

Hey artlovers out there!

Mondays happen to be some of the most unpopular days of the week. This is gonna change now! My new personal project “TransForMonday” will start tomorrow and you are invited to join in. Tranformondays will be lots of fun together, experiments with portraits and species and  some awesome time to study for all my fellow artist friends. If you want to know more about this project, just continue reading…

First of all thoughts was my inner belief that what thrills people most is the contrast between  familiar things and the unknown. Concerning this fact, I developed my idea of transforming peoples portraits into a totally new image, but still leaving the hint of what used to be.

In a few words: I am going to transform real peoples portraits into creatures, aliens, elves, dwarfes or even orcs – any fantastic type of being is possible.

Surely I will chose my “victims” wisely – you might have the special something that qualifies you to be the new vulcan leader of today or, even creepier, the next nemesis of Harry Potter.

After all this lot of information, you certainly want to know how to take part in this interesting journey to the borders of transformation. As this weekly event is planned to be live and online, you are invited to join my stream.

If you want to make some deeper steps into becoming something new and different, feel free to send me ( your portraits! I might chose your photo-ego to explore the possibilities of what a simple face shot can become.

If I hooked you now, join me every monday at 9 pm MEZ or 3 pm EST in my stream. I will start this project officially tomorrow, 17.06.2013 and hope to see you online!

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PS: I will soon create a Facebook group for the TransforMondays.