Glorana die Schöne

Incredible, but true: some weeks ago I got a mail with a prepaid envelope and a truly cordial letter in which I got asked to send two autographs to a couple living in Berlin. I was completly flat-flooted and had nothing where I could my autograph on.

I suppose that the couple is also fan of The Dark Eye – most of my illustrations were done for that pen&paper RPG. So I decided to subject one of the most iconic NPCs a little surgery and redrew Glorana die Schöne. Glorana ruled the icy north of Aventuria for several years and that is the way I prefer her: as an insanely beautiful but deadly ice queen, suffering from getting freezed alive on her throne made of ice cristals.

When I got the assignement to draw her, back in 2010, I focussed a lot on the tension between her beauty and the ugliness that comes from being evil and half-freezed. Now, I see her more as a slave of her own reign. She is desperatly hoping that someone will come and warm her her frosty heart, liberaring her.

By the way, this is the illustration I drew two years ago:

Since the Glorana portrait from 2012 is a fan art (I got no official assignment), I decide that one can use it for free for non-commercial The Dark Eye related (!) projects. Please respect the conditions and let me know for which project you use it since I am a big The Dark Eye Nerd and highly interested